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2015 Presentations

June 23

Indian Hills Community College
Executive Leadership Series


February 13

School Administrators of Iowa

January 28
Wayne Community School District


I liked that at Cardinal, he knows they need to improve test scores, but it’s not a huge focus, at least that’s how he made it sound.
The phrase that stuck with me was:  The way we do things around here.  I know he didn’t mean it the way I use it, but I constantly use it with new students especially.  If they have had a behavior that typically doesn’t happen with our kids here, I will say that and explain how our teachers and students react to stuff like they did.  It’s an effective way to set Wayne apart from Centerville or Chariton or Central Decatur or Des Moines.  I want everyone to know that we don’t operate like most schools.
Pedersen’s presentation was a good energizer for the January slumps. Would like to hear more about emotional intelligence. From what I read on the pages you sent the other day, I could maybe incorporate activities in my study skills class.
Sometimes I feel like every meeting, in-service, staffing, or training I attend is always data driven and all about doing more more more to increase scores.  I feel pressure on a regular basis to justify everything I am doing, document everything, align all lessons with Common Core (which is not aligned with Iowa Assessment), build relationships, contact parents, be creative, learn from others. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joel Pederson helped remind me that we are here to teach and care about kids first not the numbers.
Thanks for bringing him in – I needed it!
I thought the timing was perfect.  Many of my colleagues are wearing out.  We feel unappreciated and downright vilified.  What we do is not only physically but emotionally draining.  I know I am certainly both.  I believe in “fake it till you make it,” but it’s hard to sustain that in the face of the sentiment of the media, the workload, and the student’s issues.  Joel was a reminder of why we got into this,  that we are doing a great job, and most importantly, that what we do matters!  “This is the moment; this is the place!”  Thank you for inviting Joel; he was terrific!




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