Let’s Embrace the Opportunities in Differentiated Accountability

Great article to share with legislators!

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Later this week, Iowa’s Department of Education will be releasing its first set of attendance center rankings.  The first iteration of these rankings will include only a subset of three of the nine healthy school indicators that will ultimately be used to rank schools and education agencies.  The first three indicators in this subset are academic proficiency, academic growth, and closing the achievement gap for students with disabilities.  These, initially, will be based on annual, standardized measures and may, therefore, seem to be just an extension of the old NCLB system of sanctions based on standardized data.

I would argue, though, that we are on the cusp of an encouraging opportunity in Iowa education.  I say that because we are looking at a new accountability system in Iowa that needs to be viewed in its entirety.  Yes, there will be an annual release of rankings and those of us in…

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